Colleen Johnson on Is Your Cross-Connection Control Sufficient?

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Do you drink water?  Then you should care about potential cross-contamination effects from hazardous cross-connection and back-flow situations.  While cross connections and back-flow issues are primarily discussed by plumbers, irrigators, and water systems, anyone misusing a hose can end up with a potential cross connection situation.  This presentation will identify basic definitions of cross-connection and back-flow prevention, and better practices to prevent contamination at home, or at a facility, or work site.  For example, in chemical facilities and remediation facilities all potable water uses – especially consumption, eye washes, safety showers, and hygiene uses must be protected from cross contamination.  Potable water sources should not be used directly to clear lines.  Process water must be separated from potable water.   Your water system’s role in cross connection control will be addressed, as well as steps to be taken when initiating a project. Examples of types of cross connection controls, equipment and maintenance reminders will be addressed. Unfortunately, real life case studies with actual and potential cross connections exist in abundance.  Several case studies including the case of the exploding toilet will be reviewed. 



Colleen Johnson | Senior Consultant

Civil & Environmental Consultants, Inc.

Adaptable environmental professional based in the Coastal Bend with process and environmental and health and safety experience in inorganic chemical manufacturing, midstream and downstream facilities, multiple environmental fields and project management. Experienced in supporting a wide range of projects in environmental consulting and manufacturing process improvement and regulatory compliance.  Rice University chemical engineering graduate who provides focus on collaboration and effective solutions and a licensed Texas Water Operator since 2009.


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