Iwona Wilson on What is an opportunity framing workshop?

Power Skills
Opportunity Framing is an industry best practice often dismissed, initially used for complex projects, where the solution is not obvious, stakeholders are potentially misaligned and large investments are required to realize the value.
Learn about this breakthrough-type workshop which aims to align the project team, decision-makers, and key stakeholders on what the project is about and what it takes to make it happen.
When applied effectively, it helps to bring everyone on the same page and answer questions including 1) what is the organizational fit 2) where the value comes from, c) what the end goal is d) what the roadmap is including the effort required to make the project successful.

Iwona Wilson is a master facilitator, trainer, strategist, and author, with a mission to help business leaders and project managers run their projects better, especially if they are complex and require multi-level stakeholder engagement.

Iwona founded Wilson Biz Consulting to provide workshop facilitation and training services, especially strategic planning, opportunity framing, and lessons learned.

Previously, she spent 15 years working in the oil and gas industry mainly in the UK and Australia providing quality management, facilitation, and training.

Originally from Poland, Iwona lives now with her husband and two children in Portland. She is a member of the Portland Chamber of Commerce, San Patricio Economic Development,  SCORE, and since early 2022, Project Management Institute (PMI) Coastal Bend and Society of Decision Professionals.

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