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March 16 Membership Meeting: 5S Your Life (Quality Management)

03-16-2021 11:30 am -12:30 pm

Luciano Paulise presents: The 5S methodology 

The 5S methodologywidely used to create a workplace suited for visual control and lean production. While many American companies have applied only to comply with the minimum requirements of health and safety, some others have uncovered that 5S can change their culture to reduce procrastination. 5S helps to practice the self-organization muscle to build an agile workplace. Employees learn to become more engaged, autonomous and innovative in every endeavor. This presentation will outline the different steps to approach a successful 5S implementation to achieve a genuine cultural shift, applying not only at work but also in your day-to-day activities and to improve remote work.

After attending this webinar, you should be able to:

·       learn the steps of the 5s methodology

·       describe the benefits of a self-organizing culture

·       Identify how you can implement it in your day-to-day, even working remotely


Happy Hour! March 17, 2021

03-17-2021 7:00 pm -8:30 pm
Happy Hour! March 17, 2021

Join us for a fun-filled St. Patrick's Day Happy Hour! There will be trivia and games - and best of all prizes!


April 20, 2021 Membership Meeting: Stakeholder Engagement to Manage Risk

04-20-2021 11:30 am -12:30 pm

Linda Howard presents: Zoning out? Or Zooming In? – How Stakeholder Engagement Helps You Manage Risk in Virtual Meetings

  • Have you noticed that you easily pay attention in some virtual meetings while others put you to sleep?
  • How often do you tune out or check your email during an online meeting?
  • What is the real impact of meetings where attendees feel disengaged and start zoning out?

Whether you are hosting a virtual event or attending one, making an online meeting engaging is critically important to achieving the goals of the event.

When you are the meeting host, you are designing and conducting online meetings to achieve a specific objective.  You may want to educate or inform your attendees, raise awareness of or build consensus around a particular issue, or provide a forum for distributed team members to develop a solution to a problem.  Each meeting has a particular goal or objective. But when attendees are not able to or not interested in participating in the event, those objectives will not be met.

In this session, we’ll focus on how to plan more engagement into our meetings in advance, whether it’s a brief team meeting or a longer workshop or event, so we can keep our attendees engaged and minimize the risks to meeting our objectives.




May 18 Membership Meeting: Harbor Bridge Project

05-18-2021 11:30 am -12:30 pm

Lynn Allison presents an update on the Harbor Bridge Project


June15, 2021 Membership Meeting: Putting the OUCH! in Ouchi! Risk Thresholds as a Quality & Motivational Practice

06-15-2021 11:30 am -12:30 pm
June15, 2021 Membership Meeting:  Putting the OUCH! in Ouchi!  Risk Thresholds as a Quality & Motivational Practice

Carl Pritchard presents: Putting the OUCH! in Ouchi!  Risk Thresholds as a Quality & Motivational Practice

Dr. William Ouchi posited that team members are more motivated and more likely to succeed if they are given a clear structure and then left to their own devices to implement that structure.  His Theory Z, a long-term business bestseller, changed the attitudes of many corporations seeking new ways to engender organizational unity and team spirit.  The idea is a relatively simple one.  Establish norms.  Set limits.  Clarify what the organization believes and create a sense of community.  Carl Pritchard takes us through an examination of how to put these practices to work.